Eating at a super amazing restaurant “Plant Miami”

I happened to find an inexpensive café “Veganarama”, where they served raw vegan meals. They also had a selection of cooked vegan foods (if you are not raw vegan yet).


Another day, another raw vegan adventure. I think Raw Vegan world is much more flavorful and colorful then regular cooked foods that people eat.

This is a great example when people are saying that they are limited on choices when they go out with their friends, or they can’t eat raw vegan when going out to regular places. I would disagree: you can always find a good salad in pretty much any restaurant and just make some changes to it to make sure all the ingredients are raw. I went out with my friends for dinner, and, of course, they decided they wanted to eat pizza at “MOD pizza”. I asked for a “build your own salad”, and ended with a super delicious salad with lime honey dressing.


My typical local dinner when I go out with like-minded friends that are raw vegans. “Slice of life” offers their own made-in-the-house dressings. I had Avocado Ranch dressing on my salad. It tasted amazing as always.

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