Yulia Lilith Rose was born into a family of doctors. Like most families, her parents addressed any and every health issue with proven medications and treatments. But over time, Yulia only became sicker, opening the door to countless side effects, new ailments, and an abundance of daily medications.

As an adult, Yulia discovered that food is the true medication – with better results than any pill, prescription, or medical treatment. With the help of a raw vegan diet, and other holistic tools that help to detox the system, she took control over her health. Since 2010, she has improved her overall health to a level which she thought she would never achieve. Following natural-based methods, she was able to permanently heal many different health issues, starting with joint pain and inflammation and ending with other illnesses, like constant flus and auto-immune disorders, like allergies.

It’s time to share her discoveries and unlock her secrets on how to put yourself on the Way to Infinite Health. By using her gentle approach of making better choices on a daily basis, your health will totally transform. Stop harming your body and start healing it – all while enjoying the journey of trying a variety of delicious, raw vegan recipes.

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“This book will give you the all of the tools and information you need to start improving your health today. Learn real, actionable steps that Yulia discovered while on her own journey to Infinite Health. After countless hours of research—and testing every approach on herself to find what works—she has been able to completely reclaim her health, leaving behind ailments like joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, recurring flus, and  auto-immune disorder such as allergies to over 80 different items. Yulia is sharing all of her secrets to optimum health through a raw vegan diet, detoxing and fasting, including the unique methods she used to make her journey smooth and easy on the Way to Infinite Health.”

Why Choose Health to Infinity?

Health to Infinity is your ultimate guide to a new level of health and well-being that you never thought possible! Gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, and learn how to make better choices in your diet and in your lifestyle. Health to Infinity will provide you with all of the tools you need to completely reinvigorate your health, happiness, and longevity.


Access a variety of methods and tools to safely and effectively detox your body, empowering you to get the best results possible.


As you learn various ways to detox from harmful chemicals, toxic additives and more, your body – and your mind – will be completely refreshed and rejuvenated.


Health to Infinity will show you exactly how to adjust your diet to promote faster healing and regeneration, boosting overall health, well-being, and longevity.


Understanding how different types of food affect your body will lay the foundation for leading a healthier, more natural, and more rewarding lifestyle.


Healing and detoxing your body will provide enhanced focus and clarity. All cloudiness and fogginess will dissipate, giving you a fantastic opportunity to strive for – and succeed in – new goals.


Discover exciting new superfoods and supplements, watch videos, and get at-home recipes to support you on your journey to infinite health.

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Health to Infinity

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